Enter 13-digit ID number to validate

This tool lets you enter a South African ID number, and then checks its validity.

It also provides other useful information such as the person's gender, age, and South African citizenship status.

No data you enter is stored - it's not even sent to a server. The validation and calculations are done right on your phone/computer. This makes it the safest and most secure way to check validity of South African Identification Numbers.

Checking if a South African Identification Number is valid is a vital tool in reducing the likelihood of fraud.

Disclaimer: This app site has no ties with the South African Department of Home Affairs.

❓ Validating...
✅ ID Number is valid ❎ ID Number is NOT valid.
Born: {{result.dob | date: 'yyyy/MM/dd'}}
Age: {{result.age}}
Gender: {{result.gender}}
Citizenship: {{result.citizenship}}

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